Trauma-Informed Care

When someone experiences a traumatic event, he or she can suffer a number of effects from that trauma. As a result, he or she becomes more likely to develop a substance use disorder as he or she uses in an effort to cope with the traumatic experience. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women in the United States have experienced at least one trauma within their lives. On top of that, 90 percent of people who are receiving behavioral health care have also experienced trauma.

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    Traumatic events can completely alter someone’s entire life. Unfortunately, those alterations tend to be distressing, as attempting to move forward after being involved in a traumatic event can be extremely difficult. Some of the top causes of trauma in the United States include the following:

    • Sexual assault/rape
    • Physical violence
    • Sexual abuse
    • Domestic violence
    • Sudden loss of a loved one
    • Natural disaster
    • Unexpected accident

    Countless people who struggle with the effects of trauma did not experience it first-hand, rather witnessed it. Simply just seeing a traumatic event occur can be enough to cause someone to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder or other issues that can develop post-trauma.

    Thankfully, there is a professional approach that is utilized in nearly all addiction treatment programs that allow clients to feel safe and not at the risk of being re-traumatized.

    Trauma-Informed Care in Clarksville

    Trauma-informed care can make all the difference for an individual who is ready to recover from a substance use disorder or a mental health condition that is co-occurring with the effects of his or her trauma. When a facility is trauma-informed, it means that the people working at the facility operate under the notion that everyone with whom they have come into contact with has experienced one or more traumatic events. The goal of trauma-informed care is for employees to be knowledgeable about trauma and its effects, know what symptoms of trauma look like, and realize that anyone can have a traumatic past. SAMHSA breaks this type of treatment approach down by stating that “a program, organization, or system that is trauma-informed:

    • Realizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands the potential paths for recovery
    • Recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved in the system
    • Responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices
    • Seeks to actively resist re-traumatization”

    When employees within an addiction treatment facility utilize trauma-informed care, they are holding themselves accountable for the continued progress and success of each and every client’s recovery.

    Those who are providing treatment to individuals who have survived trauma are also expected to understand the trauma survivor’s need to be respected and informed, the relation between trauma and other behavioral health problems like substance use disorders, and the importance of working collaboratively with trauma survivors and their families.

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    Benefits of JourneyPure’s Trauma-Informed Care Program

    Approximately 70% of people in the United States will experience at least one traumatic event in their lives, and some will experience several. The effects of trauma do not come and go when someone wants them to; rather they stay with them on a regular basis. For some people, the effects of trauma can be so upsetting that even the smallest of things can trigger them. For others, it takes something significant for their symptoms to trigger. This is why our Clarksville trauma-informed care for holds such importance, as it is truly impossible to determine who has experienced what. Therefore, when the actions of others can reflect the consideration that someone might be impacted by trauma, the better off everyone involved will be.

    When trauma-informed care in Clarksville is utilized in any type of setting the clients can benefit in numerous ways, as this approach works to ensure that everyone is made to feel comfortable and respected.

    Benefits for clients

    • Decrease symptoms of trauma
    • Provide a sense of safety and security
    • Encourage building trust
    • Improve treatment outcomes
    • Decrease the number of healthcare providers one needs to see

    Most individuals who attend an addiction treatment program will benefit from recovering within a trauma-informed space, even if they have not experienced a traumatic event. Those who are enrolled in our program that utilizes trauma-informed addiction care in Clarksville can easily benefit from pleasurable interactions with others, thoughtfulness from the staff, and the understanding that if they need support that all they have to do is ask.

    Do You Need Help?

    All too often, people who have experienced trauma go on to live with the effects of it for far too long. Some people do not even realize that they are suffering from a condition like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) until they receive a diagnosis of it while seeing a therapist or talking with their healthcare provider. However, once an individual is aware of the impacts that the traumatic event/events had on him or her, it is imperative to seek help.

    To avoid further damage to one’s life, such as the development of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, seeking help through trauma-informed care in Clarksville can be the best decision one makes. Not only will the client be in a space where he or she will be treated with respect and dignity, but he or she will also benefit from an approach that has proven to prevent further traumatization.

    If you are struggling with the effects of trauma, know that you are not alone. You do not have to continue to live with these effects, rather you can take the power into your own hands and make a difference right now.

    Do not wait any longer. Reach out to our trauma-informed care program in Clarksville, TN right now.