Substance Abuse Treatment

Today, while the word “addiction” is still heavily used, it is now referred to as a substance use disorder instead. This comes along with addiction being scientifically recognized as a disease as opposed to old, outdated beliefs that it is a choice. When someone is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, it means that he or she is addicted to a specific substance to the point where he or she is unable to stop without professional assistance.

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    Those who are addicted to heroin are diagnosed with opioid use disorder, while those who are addicted to alcohol are diagnosed with alcohol use disorder, and so on. However, when speaking about addiction in general, the term substance use disorder can be utilized.

    According to a study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 21.5 million people in the United States alone have a substance use disorder. Many of these individuals not only struggle with a substance use disorder but also grapple with the symptoms of a mental health condition at the same time (known as having a co-occurring disorder). These individuals are often faced with a number of different challenges, ranging from being unable to stop using to experiencing severe consequences of use, such as a deadly motor vehicle accident or an overdose. For these reasons, it is critical that you reach out and seek professional help through a substance abuse treatment center today.

    Dangers of Substance Abuse

    No matter what substance an individual is abusing, there are a number of dangers that he or she can face when abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

    Physically, substance abuse has been known to cause damage to vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and heart. It has also been linked to cognitive impairment that can remain even after the abuse of substances has ended. And, when someone is constantly abusing substances, he or she runs the risk of experiencing physical accidents or events, such as falling down the stairs, getting into physical arguments, being responsible for a car crash, and so on. The physical impacts of these occurrences can lead to temporary and permanent physical damage, as well as death. Of course, abusing drugs and/or alcohol can also cause overdose, as the body becomes unable to process the amount of substances being consumed. This, too, can be fatal.

    From a psychological standpoint, the impacts that drugs and/or alcohol can have on one’s mental health can be devastating. Depending on the substances that are being abused, those with substance use disorder can suffer from drug or alcohol-induced depression or anxiety, mood disorders like bipolar disorder, poor cognition, bad memory, impaired motor skills, and so on. Some substances of abuse, such as meth, can break down parts of the brain to a point where there is no way to rehab them.

    As a substance use disorder continues, individuals can begin to experience conflict amongst themselves and their loved ones, as issues such as mood swings and changes in behavior can start to drive a wedge between them. A user can also experience problems at work, which can lead to termination and subsequent financial problems. If the user is in school, he or she might be expelled due to substance abuse or drop out in an effort to make more time to use. Those who are married or in a relationship or who have children can experience divorce, separation, and custodial issues because of their continued use.

    The best and most effective way to overcome a substance use disorder is to get professional help through our substance abuse treatment center in Clarksville, TN.

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    What To Expect At Our Substance Abuse Rehab in Clarksville, TN

    Every individual who has a substance use disorder has different needs than the next. Therefore, our Clarksville substance abuse rehab offers several different options for care for those who are looking to put a stop to their substance use disorder once and for all.


    For many with substance use disorder, detox is necessary, especially if dependence is occurring. When receiving professional help from a substance abuse treatment center in Clarksville, Tennessee, clients can work with medical professionals who can provide them with appropriate over-the-counter and prescription medications that can curb their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Also, clients who require 24/7 medical supervision while detoxing can receive that when getting help from our Clarksville substance abuse treatment center.

    Inpatient Treatment

    When someone is faced with a severe case of substance use disorder or is struggling to stop using, inpatient treatment can be the best option for them. Inpatient treatment is a program offered at our substance abuse rehab in Clarksville, Tennessee where clients reside at the facility so that they can participate in full days of physical and psychological therapeutic services. Usually lasting anywhere from 30-90 days, inpatient treatment programs provide the most options to clients so that they can be solidified in their recovery prior to transitioning back into their everyday lives.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Intensive outpatient treatment is a viable option for someone who does not need to live in treatment, but who needs a similar hands-on approach to care that is offered through that type of substance abuse treatment. The majority of one’s day will include several different therapeutic services, ranging from individual and group therapy to behavioral therapies and experiential therapies. Often lasting 6-8 weeks, those who need treatment can get it through this specific rehab medium.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Several of those who are struggling with a substance use disorder participate in outpatient treatment and have successful outcomes. This type of substance abuse treatment is best for those who have a mild addiction or who have experienced a minor relapse, as the approach to care here is less hands-on than in other levels of care. A client at outpatient treatment will spend a few hours each day at the facility participating in therapy but will also be able to uphold a job and other everyday responsibilities.

    Local Support

    All levels of our substance abuse treatment center in Clarksville will encourage clients to participate in local support by attending meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), as well as considering attending other support group meetings that focus on issues like depression, gambling, etc. By developing a local support network, clients can continue to work on their recovery.

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