Relapse Prevention

Millions of people throughout the United States have participated in professional addiction treatment. From prescription drug and opioid addiction to alcohol use disorder and addictions to psychoactive drugs, treatment options like inpatient and outpatient treatment have helped these individuals to stop their active use, identify the causes and contributors to their addictions, and develop new ways to manage and cope with stress and other triggers.

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    A treatment program places a strong focus on these aspects, as well as helping clients learn how to prevent relapse in the future.

    Relapse occurs when an individual uses drugs and/or alcohol again after having abstained from use for a period of time. There are no special parameters that cause individuals to relapse, rather it can occur for a number of reasons and at different times in their recoveries. For example, someone can relapse right after leaving a treatment program, while someone else can experience a relapse 25 years into their recovery. Because relapse is something that can happen to those who are in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction, it is imperative to develop relapse prevention skills so not only can relapse be prevented, but it can also be handled appropriately if and when it occurs. Through our relapse prevention program, you can keep your sobriety on the right track and continue towards your goals of long-lasting sobriety.

    Stages of Relapse

    It is not very common for those in recovery to relapse out of thin air, rather it is much more common for a relapse to occur when other things have been going on/suddenly occur within one’s life. After someone relapses, it can be easy to see in hindsight how he or she was on the road to relapse even if he or she wasn’t aware of it at the time. This is because there are usually some stages to relapse that occur prior to the physical act of using again.

    Emotional Relapse

    Addiction is a very unique disease in that it is highly emotional. Those who go through addiction and recovery have often dealt with heavy feelings that they have had to work through. And, even though they might be in recovery, they can still struggle with managing those big emotions. It is extremely important to individuals to constantly pay attention to their emotions rather than burying them inside or ignoring them. When emotions are not being paid attention to, an emotional relapse can occur, which can set an individual up to experience a mental relapse, and eventually, a physical relapse.

    Mental Relapse

    Often triggered by an emotional relapse, a mental relapse occurs when an individual starts actively thinking about using again. For instance, someone might fantasize about using again, skip out on regular support group meetings, reminisce about past use, and even start convincing oneself that using one more time wouldn’t be a big deal. This is usually the last thing that occurs before an individual picks up again.

    Physical Relapse

    By the time someone has physically relapsed, he or she has already used again. He or she might only use one time and decide to get help, or he or she might keep using despite all the work he or she has done to stay sober.

    Preventing Relapse

    Through our relapse prevention therapy in Clarksville, clients can develop skills that can keep them from relapsing, as well as help them know what to do in the event that they do relapse. Relapse prevention places a strong focus on teaching clients about the disease of addiction, the phases of relapse, and why it is so important to consistently work a program in order to stay on the road to recovery.

    Some of the skills that our relapse prevention program teaches a client to include the following:

    • Practice good self-care – It is highly important that those in recovery get comfortable practicing good self-care. This can include doing things that make the individual happy, such as participating in an activity, as well as paying attention to his or her emotions and reaching out for help if necessary.
    • Have a strong support system – Having a group of individuals to rely on in one’s recovery can make a major difference in if they will relapse or not. A support system can consist of family members, friends, and others who are also in recovery. Utilizing them in both happy and trying times can help stop one from turning to the use of drugs or alcohol.
    • Avoid triggers – While in treatment, relapse prevention can help clients identify their triggers to use again. Clients can then develop new ways to prevent being triggered, which will decrease his or her chances of relapsing in the future.
    • Stay connected – It can be easy to isolate oneself again if something troubling is going on, however, relapse addiction therapy programs in Clarksville Tennessee shows clients that staying connected to others as opposed to isolating oneself can help stop a relapse from occurring.

    There are countless ways in which our relapse prevention program can help those in recovery keep from relapsing. It also shows clients what to do if a relapse occurs so that he or she does not keep using, rather obtains immediate help.

    Benefits of JourneyPure’s Relapse Prevention Program in Clarksville

    Our relapse prevention in Clarksville is vital for all clients, as it is possible for everyone in recovery to relapse once or multiple times. When enrolled, clients can benefit in the following ways:

    • Learn about relapse and how it happens
    • Recognize the importance of a good support system
    • Work on becoming comfortable reaching out for help rather than isolating oneself
    • Determine specific ways to avoid situations that could threaten his or her recovery
    • Show clients that relapse is not a failure, rather a bump in the road that can be properly addressed given the right action

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