Outpatient Treatment

Addiction is a disease that individuals can become powerless over. It is a disease that can completely infiltrate their lives and wreak havoc on their professional accomplishments and career, their social circles, and the dynamic of their entire family. And, the longer that an individual remains addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, the more severe the repercussions can be. For some people, their addiction never reaches a point to where they require immediate admission into a top-level inpatient treatment program. In many instances, people struggle with addiction at a very mild level. That does not mean that someone with an addiction such as this does not require treatment, rather it means that he or she has his or her own special, unique treatment needs that must be addressed through a program that is appropriate for their condition.

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    Just as there are inpatient addiction treatment programs, there are also outpatient addiction treatment programs. Our outpatient addiction treatment in Clarksville is often the best option for those who are not grappling with a full-blown case of addiction. Through this type of program, clients will be able to receive care from professionals who are experienced in the field of addiction treatment so that they can treat their substance use disorder before it gets more severe.

    What is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

    Outpatient treatment is the least intensive form of addiction treatment. Clients who are enrolled in our Clarksville outpatient addiction rehab typically spend a set number of hours at the treatment facility per week, participating in individual and group therapies for the majority of the time that they are there. Outpatient treatment does not require clients to live at the facility as if they were in an inpatient program, allowing them to go to and from the facility when necessary. Clients can continue to go to work or school and be present in the lives of their families all while receiving treatment for their substance use disorder.

    Usually, an outpatient program lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks, however, the time that is spent in this specific program can be altered to meet the needs of the client. Outpatient treatment is where many people begin their recovery.

    Who is a Good Candidate For Outpatient Treatment

    Since our outpatient addiction treatment center in Clarksville is not as involved as other forms of addiction treatment, it is the best fit for someone who is not experiencing a severe substance use disorder, rather a mild one, but still requires professional treatment. Outpatient treatment is also a good option for those who:

    • Have completed other levels of addiction treatment but still need further care
    • Are able to maintain their lives outside of treatment
    • Can provide transportation for themselves to go to and from the facility
    • Who are unable to afford more intensive care
    • Who cannot take time out of work to attend treatment
    • Who do not require medical detox or supervision
    • Who have relapsed and want to prevent further relapse by sharpening their skills

    Whether or not an individual will be involved in an outpatient setting will depend on his or her current condition, treatment needs, and how much time they iare able to dedicate to treatment.

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    Elements of Outpatient Rehab

    In many respects, outpatient addiction rehab takes more effort than other levels of addiction treatment, specifically because clients are being put to the task of working on their recovery while trying to uphold their everyday lives. Thankfully, when at our facility, clients can benefit greatly from the many different elements that our treatment center can provide, as it can help them strike a healthy balance between treatment and everyday life.

    Medication Management

    Many clients of an outpatient program are on medications for mental illnesses (such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder), to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms, or other types of medications to help with their overall health and wellbeing. Some of these medications might have been prescribed prior to entering into outpatient addiction treatment, while others might have been prescribed at the facility. Regardless, all clients can benefit from the use of medications that are deemed appropriate for their specific treatment needs. Clients can also benefit from having their medication managed for a period of time, as it gives them the opportunity to work on aspects of their recovery that make it difficult for them to properly moderate their medications on their own.


    The majority of therapies that are conducted in our outpatient treatment center are individual therapy and group therapy. Clients usually have to meet a specific amount of hours spent in individual therapy, which will occur between themselves and a certified, experienced therapist. He or she will likely have to attend group therapy sessions which can range in treatment approach and topic. These sessions will be led by one or more therapists, depending on the size of the group. Additional therapies, such as behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, life skills therapy, and relapse prevention can be incorporated into a client’s treatment plan as well.

    When medications and therapy are combined, those who are enrolled in our outpatient treatment center in Clarksville can begin to solidify themselves in their recovery and prepare to transition back into their daily lives.

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    If you have a substance use disorder, do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to reach out and ask for help. The sooner that you get professional treatment, the sooner you can begin living a life that is happy and healthy. For many people, our outpatient addiction rehab center in Clarksville, Tennessee is the best place to start that journey.

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