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The brave men and women who have served/are serving the United States of America have an increased risk of developing a substance use disorder than those who have not served. Not only does this population of individuals struggle with substance use disorders at increasingly alarming rates, but they also tend to grapple with symptoms of mental health conditions, too.

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    For example, those in the armed forces are at high risk for suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, simply because of the things they see and do while overseas fighting for the country. However, they also experience other mental illnesses at greater rates than the rest of the American people. Consider the following:

    • 36.8% experience depression
    • 43.5% experience anxiety
    • 39.1% experience suicidal ideation
    • 46% make suicide attempts

    With co-morbidity occurring in such a large portion of veterans, it comes as no surprise that treatment facilities across the nation offer specialized treatment programs for veterans, retirees, active duty, and their family members.

    JourneyPure’s Freedom Program in Clarksville is one of the top programs designed specifically for this population of individuals. Through the Freedom Program, JourneyPure can offer help to countless individuals and their families so that the difficult times on the home front can be few and far between.

    The Importance of Addiction Treatment For Military Service Members

    As noted above, those who have served the country experience mental illness at shocking rates. In fact, the rates at which they experience these illnesses are almost quadruple the rates of the general public’s issues with mental illnesses. On top of that, these individuals are also at increased risk for developing a substance use disorder. For some, it can be difficult to know which problem came first – the substance use disorder or the mental illness – specifically because the two tend to flow together. It is not as common to find someone who is active duty, retired, or a veteran who only has a mental health condition or only a substance use disorder, rather much more common to find someone who is experiencing both at the same time. This is precisely why it is imperative to provide treatment to those in need because dealing with symptoms of both conditions at the same time.

    What Does The Freedom Program in Clarksville Offer?

    The Freedom Program in Clarksville focuses on providing all members of the military and their families with the best quality care possible. By providing several different options for care, the Freedom Program has been able to help countless individuals and their families turn their lives around for the better. This is done through the following provisions.

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    Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

    Residential rehab

    Residential rehab is the best option for someone who has a severe substance use disorder or a dual diagnosis. This is because residential rehab offers the most hands-on, 24/7 care possible so that clients are constantly working on their recovery in a safe environment.

    Partial hospitalization

    Those who attend a partial hospitalization program require a steady presence of professional addiction treatment plus medical assistance. This is a great option for someone who has developed physical and/or mental health problems as a result of his or her substance use disorder or injury.

    Intensive Outpatient

    When enrolled in an intensive outpatient program, clients will go to and from the facility. While there, they will partake in several different therapies to help them progress in their recovery. This program requires clients to spend the majority of their days at the facility

    Outpatient Treatment

    Like intensive outpatient programs but without the full-time requirement, outpatient treatment is a good option for those who are experiencing mild symptoms of a substance use disorder and/or a mental illness. Clients can come and go and continue to uphold other areas of their lives while receiving treatment.

    Types of Addiction Therapies

    Cognitive behavioral therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy can help clients review their past behaviors and reexamine them to determine how to improve upon them. Conducted by a therapist, CBT is a highly effective treatment that helps clients stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

    Group therapy

    Group therapy will bring clients together in a shared setting so that they can work to recover with one another. Group therapy can promote a strong sense of support, communication, and emotional vulnerability that allows all involved to access their feelings and thoughts on a deeper level.

    Individual therapy

    Individual therapy occurs between the client and a therapist and places a strong focus on uncovering the hidden causes behind one’s continued substance use disorder. When addressed, these issues can be better managed, thus reducing the likelihood of relapse.

    Family therapy

    The Freedom Program in Clarksville offers family therapy to the client and his or her loved ones, as it is well-known just how much substance use disorders and mental illnesses can impact a family dynamic. While being guided by a therapist, the client and his or her family can address the most pressing issues, as well as work to unravel more deep-seated issues so that true healing can begin.

    In addition to these therapies, we also offer holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, dialectical behavioral therapy, and experiential therapy.

    Additional Services

    The Freedom Program does not just provide different levels of treatment and a variety of different therapies, but it also offers other services to clients so that they can improve upon their recovery. These additional services include the following:

    • Dual diagnosis treatment
    • Trauma-informed care
    • Weekly AA meetings
    • Aftercare support via phone calls

    Do You Need Help?

    If you are struggling with the effects of mental illness or a substance use disorder, and you are active duty, retired, or a veteran, do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help. There is no shame in putting your needs first.

    Call us right now. The Freedom Program in Clarksville can help you.