Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

The disease of addiction is extremely complex, impacting a user’s personal and professional lives, as well as their physical and psychological well-being. For some people, their addiction has completely consumed every ounce of their being. They might be unemployed, have several outstanding debts, constantly arguing with friends and family, and without a place to call home.

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    Others are more functional in their addiction, as they remain employed, are not in danger of financial or legal problems, and are not faced with having to find a place to live. Because each individual experiences the disease of addiction differently than the next, it is critical to provide a variety of different addiction treatment options that can meet the many various needs of those looking to get sober.

    The one type of addiction treatment that most people are aware of is inpatient treatment, where an individual will live at the facility while receiving professional care. While inpatient treatment is extremely effective and very popular, it is not a right fit for all users. Instead, many users have treatment needs that are best met in an intensive outpatient program in Clarksville, Tennessee.

    Finding the right type of program for an individual’s needs not only provides them with a solid starting point for treatment but also pairs them with professionals who are trained and experienced in treating individuals who have similar backgrounds as the individual’s.

    What is Our Intensive Outpatient Program?

    Our intensive outpatient program is a level of addiction treatment that is not as aggressive as inpatient treatment but provides a stronger hands-on approach than what is usually offered in outpatient treatment. Our iop clinic is an excellent addiction treatment option for someone whose addiction is not severe but is also not mild.

    Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is commonly utilized as a step-down form of treatment for those who are transitioning out of inpatient treatment but still require more professional care. It is also an excellent option for those who, as previously mentioned, are experiencing a moderate level of addiction. Depending on the needs of the client, our intensive outpatient program in Clarksville, Tennessee can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. During that time, clients will receive both medical (if necessary) and mental health services that can help them get sober and learn how to maintain long-term recovery.

    Who is Best Served in IOP?

    Not everyone with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a good fit for our intensive outpatient program in Clarksville. For example, someone who has a serious addiction occurring would be best served at an inpatient level, while someone who has a mild case of addiction would benefit more from an outpatient program. Our IOP for substance abuse is an ideal treatment option for those who:

    • Do not require detox services (or who can manage their own symptoms)
    • Can commit to spending the majority of their days at the treatment facility
    • Do not have untreated mental health conditions occurring
    • Have a strong support system at home
    • Have a drug-free environment to return home to

    Those who attend our clinic also have flexibility in their jobs and/or responsibilities on the home front so that they can incorporate their treatment into their everyday lives.

    Elements of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

    Someone who enrolls in our intensive outpatient program in Clarksville, TN is going to be participating in several different therapeutic elements of care. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) states that it is mandatory for all intensive outpatient programs to offer the following therapeutic services:

    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – Used in all levels of addiction treatment, including our intensive outpatient program, cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, focuses on helping clients change problematic behaviors. This is done by having clients reevaluate their thoughts, beliefs, and actions in an effort to modify the negative outcomes that develop in their lives because of their behaviors.
    • Matrix Model – The Matrix Model combines several different therapeutic elements into a 6-week-long period of time. These elements include group therapy, family therapy, and relapse prevention, to name a few.
    • 12-Step Facilitation – Our IOP also provides 12-Step facilitation by including the 12-Steps into all clients’ programming. Not only does a Clarksville Tennessee intensive outpatient program hold 12-Step meetings, but they also include the ideas and beliefs of it into all other therapies offered to clients.
    • Contingency Management – Contingency management is an approach to addiction treatment that encourages clients to achieve recovery goals by striving towards receiving a reward. For example, a therapist will give a client a reward if he or she passes three drug tests in a row.

    While therapy is the primary component, clients can also receive medical supports if necessary, too. While intensive outpatient programs do not offer detox services or other kinds of services like those provided through partial hospitalization programs, they can help clients with medication management to help treat symptoms of a mental health condition or symptoms associated with controllable withdrawal symptoms. Those who require more intense medical presence in their recovery should attend another program, such as inpatient treatment, in order to receive that level of care.

    With a combined approach to treating addiction, those professionals working at our intensive outpatient program in Clarksville can help all clients to not only get sober but to develop skills that can help them stay sober for a lifetime.

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    Being addicted to any type of substance is often isolating, lonesome, and distressing. And, no matter how much you might want to stop using, the very thought of it can have you anxious over the fear of the unknown. However, continuing to abuse any type of addictive substance can bring you closer to suffering severe consequences to your wellbeing, including experiencing a fatal overdose. So, if you are ready to stop using, reach out right now. Our  Clarksville, Tennessee intensive outpatient program might be the type of care you have been looking for.

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