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Substance use disorder impacts millions of people throughout the United States. In fact, the abuse of some substances (such as opioids) are at epidemic levels. As the number of people with substance use disorders continues to increase, the need for the appropriate addiction treatment has never been more vital.

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    Someone who is struggling with a substance use disorder is likely struggling with a number of different things, depending on the severity of his or her use. Many of those struggles impact their personal wellbeing in ways that make it difficult for them to even access their own emotions. For example, when looking to keep using, individuals who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol tend to avoid the people who will prevent him or her from using or stay away from places where he or she could be caught using. As a result, he or she might start to isolate him or herself, leading to feelings of depression and loneliness. On top of that, his or her behaviors might be starting to noticeably change as he or she grows more irritable, experiences dramatic and unpredictable mood swings, and starts to engage in deceitful acts as a means to keep using. Each one of these consequences of use can deeply impact someone on a very personal level, which is why our individual addiction therapy in Clarksville is viewed as one of the most important components of addiction treatment.

    Benefits of Individual Addiction Therapy

    When someone with a substance use disorder receives individual therapy, he or she can benefit in a number of different ways. Individual addiction therapy will occur between the client and a therapist who has the expertise to help affect positive change and growth in the client. Engaging in our Clarksville individual addiction therapy can benefit a client in the following ways:

    • Increasing self-esteem – Countless individuals who begin in individual therapy find that they have little to no self-esteem, which is very common. However, going through the many steps that individual therapy offers can help clients begin to rebuild a strong sense of self-esteem so that they can be successful in their recovery.
    • Identifying causes of use – When working one-on-one with their therapist, clients can begin to identify the causes of his or her substance abuse. Once identified, clients can find new ways to address those causes so that they do not continue to trigger the desire to use.
    • Recognizing triggers – Through talking outwardly with a therapist, clients are able to begin laying out their triggers to use. The therapist and the client can work together to come to a solution on how to avoid those triggers or decide what action to take when triggered.
    • Creating goals – Addiction treatment is deeply rooted in setting goals, which is why clients in individual therapy constantly work to establish goals that are attainable for themselves. By meeting these goals, clients can continue to excel in their recovery.

    The benefits that individual therapy can offer are directly related to how much effort and dedication the client puts into his or her treatment.

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    Types of Individual Addiction Therapy We Provide

    While some individual addiction therapy sessions replicate traditional talk-therapy, other sessions will be more structured and guided, especially if the client has specific needs that require attention. So, while clients can not only receive help through a talk therapy style session, they can also get the treatment they need when a therapist incorporates different types of individual therapy into their care.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

    Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is one of the top choices for individual addiction therapy. This type of therapy only lasts for a short period of time, as studies have shown that the information clients gather from this type of therapy are easily retained. Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages clients to analyze past behaviors that contributed to their substance use disorder or other negative experiences in their lives. They then work with the therapist to find ways to address those behaviors and change them so that substance abuse does not occur again.

    Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

    Dialectical behavioral therapy is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy in that it helps clients modify troublesome behaviors, however, it places a stronger focus on the client’s ability to manage his or her emotions. Specifically, clients focus on developing mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Through these skills, clients can begin to find ways to accept upsetting feelings without letting them completely overtake them. This specific type of individual therapy is best suited for those who have trouble managing their emotions and/or who have thoughts of suicide.

    Contingency Management

    Contingency management is a kind of therapy that can be included in a client’s individual addiction therapy program. Serving as a goal-related type of care, contingency management works by encouraging the client to achieve goals so that they can receive a prize. As simple as it might sound, this approach has proven highly beneficial for people with all types of substance abuse backgrounds. For example, if a client produces a month’s worth of clean drug tests, he or she will be rewarded with a surprise, such as a gift card or cash. This type of therapy allows clients the opportunity to keep moving forward with their treatment even if they do not feel as motivated to do so.

    When a client is in our Clarksville individual addiction therapy, he or she can expect to work in a private environment that is conducive to recovery. He or she can expect that his or her therapist will be professional, personable, and experienced in what he or she does. Most of all, clients can expect that if they put their energy and effort into their treatment, that they can make recovery a reality.

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    If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, do not wait another day to get the help that you need. Individual addiction therapy in Clarksville, Tennessee can help you end your active addiction and begin working towards a happy, healthy life of recovery.