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Addiction is an extremely ugly disease. Not only does it cause individuals to suffer physical consequences that can range from being mild to deadly, but it also causes them to experience psychological complications that can be irreversible. Those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol might wind up being terminated from their jobs, leading them into a downward spiral of financial distress.

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    Plus, their family and social lives can easily become disrupted, as users might become moodier, unpredictable in their behaviors, and easily agitated, causing others to not want to be around them.

    As the use continues, individuals can isolate themselves from people and places that they once were attached to. Rather than reaching out to friends or loved ones or going to places they used to enjoy, those with a substance use disorder might instead choose to hole up and use. The only time that he or she might go out is to obtain more of the substance that he or she is abusing. This kind of isolation can be crippling, but when dealing with substance use disorder, no matter how much an individual might want to stop, he or she can easily stay trapped in the never-ending cycle of addiction. And, the longer that he or she stays addicted to one or more substances, the lonelier he or she can become, which can increase odds of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

    But when someone accepts professional addiction treatment and begins group therapy sessions, he or she can be exposed to a whole new world of connection, communication, and support that he or she would have never had before.

    What is Group Addiction Therapy?

    Group addiction therapy is used in nearly every single treatment center across the country. An evidence-based therapy, meaning that it has been proven to work, group addiction therapy can provide endless benefits to those who participate in this type of care.

    Within a group therapy setting, clients are brought together to discuss any number of common issues that they likely share with one another. Through collaboration with one another, clients involved in our Clarksville group addiction therapy program can work through addiction-related challenges in an effort to solidify a strong recovery.

    What Does a Group Addiction Therapy Session Look Like?

    When an individual is in treatment, he or she will participate in several different types of therapy, with group therapy being one of them. Group addiction therapy is always led by one or more therapists who are certified and experienced in providing clinical addiction treatment. In many cases, those who run group therapy sessions have first-hand experience with addiction and have maintained long-term sobriety. At the beginning of each session, the therapist/therapists will talk about what the group will be focusing on that day. This can range from anything such as participating in hands-on group activities to having a more talk therapy style session. In many instances, therapists will utilize a specific type of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, within a group therapy session.

    The therapist will lead all sessions and bring to each session a plan of action for what clients will be working on in that allotted timeframe. To get the ball rolling, many therapists will ask a general question and have everyone go around the room and provide their own individual answer to it. This helps break the ice, open up the group for connection, and usher in the activity/topic/therapy/etc. that will be used that day. Once this exercise is complete, clients can begin focusing more on what the topic of the session is that day.

    Group therapy is designed to bring clients together so that they can learn from one another and heal in unison. When participating in our Clarksville group addiction therapy, clients can stand to gain a great deal of information and experience that can help them reconnect to others and in turn, improve upon their recovery.

    Benefits of Our Group Addiction Therapy Program

    For most clients, simply being in a group therapy setting is a huge benefit, especially if they have spent a period of time isolating themselves from others as previously discussed. Being in a room with others and knowing that they too are struggling with similar challenges can be a source of comfort for a client. Group addiction therapy can be beneficial for clients by:

    • Improving a client’s self-esteem and confidence
    • Increasing effective interpersonal skills
    • Improving communication skills
    • Giving each client an opportunity to build a support system amongst other group members
    • Providing a sense of accountability to both oneself and the group
    • Giving clients the opportunity to share painful experiences and receive real-time support from people who can relate
    • Offering clients advanced insight into the disease of addiction by listening to the stories of others

    Our group addiction therapy program in Clarksville can also get clients used to the idea of recovering in group settings. This is a major benefit because when clients complete their care at a professional treatment center and transition back into everyday life, programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can serve as the support they need to stay sober. Each one of these programs is conducted in a group setting. Plus, receiving any type of evidence-based care when trying to overcome active addiction can help connect clients to professionals who can show them the way towards recovery.

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    If you are addicted to one or more substances, do not feel like you are all alone. Millions of people throughout the United States are struggling with substance use disorders. Unfortunately, many of those individuals who go without treatment overdose or experience some other substance-related accident that costs them their lives.

    But you do not need to share that same fate. By contacting a treatment program in Clarksville, you can begin your journey towards recovery. Along with that journey, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in therapeutic sessions such as those offered through group addiction therapy. The more treatment you receive, the better your recovery will be.

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