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When struggling with substance use disorder, individuals can suffer a number of impacts to their lives. For example, actively abusing one or more addictive substances while employed can lead to suspension, demotion, and/or termination, which can cause the user to suffer both professional and financial effects.

Using to the point where physical arguments occur and bad decisions are made can lead to legal problems and potential jail time. Having a substance use disorder that is not treated can cause physical effects such as vital organ damage to occur, while also causing psychological impacts like psychosis and suicidal thoughts.

No matter the degree of the substance use disorder, someone who is experiencing this disease can suffer tremendously and in all corners of their lives. What they might not realize while under the influence is just how much his or her addiction affects his or her family.

Today, so many people throughout the United States are experiencing addiction that families from all over can share stories of what it is like to watch a loved one abuse drugs and/or alcohol. However, what does not get addressed by commiserating with others are the many deep-rooted emotions and habitual behaviors that have developed in the face of a loved one’s addiction.

By the time that an individual reaches out for professional addiction treatment, families can be left feeling like they have just been at war. They might feel depleted in their emotional reserve, exhausted from the ups and downs of living with addiction, and/or angry about where they are in their lives because of their loved one’s addiction. While this is all very normal, it is important to understand that the families of an addicted individual can also benefit significantly from participating in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee.

Benefits of Family Addiction Therapy In Clarksville Tennessee

As previously mentioned, those with a substance use disorder are bound to experience several effects of their use, however, their family members are often impacted just as deeply, even if it is not done intentionally. However, when recovering users and their families participate in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, they can benefit in countless ways, including the following:

  • Learning about addiction – When a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, it can feel like anything but a disease. In fact, it can feel like more of a choice than a disease, making it very difficult to understand. However, a Clarksville Tennessee family addiction therapy program can help clients learn more about addiction as a disease, allowing them to fully understand what their loved one is experiencing.
  • Resolving resentments – When in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, families can address resentments and feelings of anger regarding the substance use disorder in an environment where a therapist can help to moderate the process of working through these challenges.
  • Discussing mental health issues – It is extremely common for not only the user to suffer from one or more mental health conditions, but also for those within his or her family too, as well. Participating in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee can help clients and their families start to talk about mental illness in a way that offers support, shows understanding, and promotes connection.

What To Expect At JourneyPure’s Family Addiction Therapy In Clarksville

Addiction is nothing short of a family disease, as it affects everyone that it touches. Therefore, the goal of our Clarksville Tennessee family addiction therapy program is to help provide care that improves upon the wellbeing of the family as a whole. When receiving family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, clients and their families can expect to participate in a number of sessions that are designed to help them improve upon the functionality of the family unit. Some of the most common aspects families focus on when in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee include the following:

  • Addressing the issues – Families often attend a Clarksville Tennessee family addiction therapy program for the first time and realize how deeply hurt they are because of their loved one’s addiction. This therapeutic forum can allow clients and their families to open up about that hurt and work to address it in a manner that promotes family growth. Conversely, the client can openly discuss the issues he or she has faced that have affected the family as a whole.
  • Modifying behaviors – All members of the family are going to have to work on their behaviors. This does not mean that everyone is behaving poorly, rather it means that when one family member is experiencing addiction, everyone else starts to behave in ways that revolve around the individual’s use. So, when in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, families can identify those negative behaviors and work to develop behaviors that are no longer going to negatively impact the functioning of the family.
  • Improving communication – Communication is key, especially when it comes to a family who has a loved one in treatment. Proper communication can make a world of difference, which is why clients, their families, and therapists work extensively on improving upon how they communicate with one another.
  • Setting goals – The family, including the user, can work together to develop a set of goals that they as a family would like to achieve. These goals can range in being very small to being extremely big and complex, however, the family will work to decide what types of goals they are comfortable with so that they can have the chance to achieve them.

When in family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, clients can expect to also work on their basic life skills, as well as improve the family dynamic. Specific types of family models can help bring about different outcomes for families based on their needs.

Get The Right Help Through Our Family Addiction Therapy Program

If you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, do not wait one more day to ask for help. Even if your loved one is not ready to get help, that does not mean that you cannot get help for yourself. By reaching out and learning more about family addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee, you can get yourself and your family on the right track towards living a functional life.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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