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Addiction is something that can completely change a person’s life for the worse. Not only can his or her professional life fall to shambles, but his or her personal life can be easily upset. While the repercussions of substance use disorder that are most talked about include overdose, cognitive damage, vital organ damage, and changes to physical appearance, what many people don’t discuss are the deeper impacts to one’s overall wellbeing.

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    Someone who has a substance use disorder might become deceitful, untrustworthy, unreliable, and argumentative, but he or she can also experience a number of other traits that impact his or her ability to lead a healthy, happy life. For example, the substance use disorder that he or she is grappling plus the effects of it can make it so an individual has difficulty trusting others, opening up emotionally, being vulnerable, having effective communication, and utilizing healthy outlets. When people are not engaged in their lives, it can leave them with a huge hole that they themselves need to fill in order to get on with recovery. For many people, that hole is filled through their participation in experiential therapy.

    What is Experiential Therapy in Clarksville?

    Experiential therapy is an approach to treatment that incorporates hands-on activities and creativity into one’s recovery program. This form of therapy has been highly regarded as one of the top treatment approaches when it comes to substance use disorder. In general, our experiential therapy in Clarksville is designed to help clients uncover the hidden or underlying causes of their substance use disorder and/or other behavioral health problems. Additionally, it helps clients access their emotions in ways that allow them to begin healing.

    Who Can Benefit Most from Experiential Therapy?

    People with all types of different backgrounds can always benefit from participating in any form of therapy, as therapy is designed to improve upon one’s skills. However, there are many people who could benefit significantly from participating in experiential addiction therapy. Those who make the best fit for experiential therapy sessions include the following:

    • Those who have difficulty accessing/discussing their emotions
    • Those who have not dealt with past traumatic experiences
    • Those who learn best when they can participate in a hands-on experience
    • Those with an interest in arts, music, animals, etc.
    • Those who have been abused either physically, sexually, or emotionally
    • Those who find it hard to express themselves
    • Those who cannot talk about the issues they have without becoming overly upset

    Our experiential therapy in Clarsville is typically a good fit for most clients who receive addiction treatment, as many of these factors are experienced by those who have developed a substance use disorder.

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    Types of Experiential Therapy Programs

    To help reach all clients who can benefit from experiential therapy in Clarksville, several different activities are offered. Clients are not limited to what types they want to participate in, meaning that they can partake in more than one therapeutic activity.

    Some of the most common experiential therapies include the following:

    • Equine assisted therapy – Equine assisted therapy includes the use of horses into this specific approach. Clients will not ride the horses, rather do all of their therapeutic work with them on a ground level. Horses tend to mirror people’s behaviors, emotional reactions, and auras, allowing clients to view themselves through the horse. Clients will also engage in doing basic things with the horse, such as grooming and bridling him or her, which can help create a sense of good self-esteem and trust.
    • Art therapy – Art therapy is a type of experiential addiction therapy in Clarksville Tennessee that incorporates the use of coloring, drawing, painting, sculpting, and so on. An example of an art therapy session would be having a client paint a picture that is supposed to replicate how he or she feels about a certain event. From there, the therapist will discuss the picture with the client in an effort to draw a more emotional response from him or her.
    • Music therapy – Writing music, playing music, and even listening to music has proven to be highly beneficial for those who are in a Clarksville Tennessee experiential addiction therapy program. Music in itself, whether it is being listened to or played, can be highly therapeutic as it allows clients to express themselves without having to talk about their issues in a traditional therapeutic setting.

    Other forms of our experiential addiction therapy program include psychodrama, adventure therapy, wilderness therapy, ropes courses, and whitewater rafting.

    Benefits of Our Clarksville Experiential Therapy

    When individuals participate in experiential therapy in Clarksville, they can gain a number of benefits that will stay with them for a lifetime. Not only do clients get the opportunity to learn how to talk about their emotions better and communicate more effectively, but they also get the opportunity to let go of some of the dead weight they have been carrying around. Additional benefits include the following:

    • Increased self-esteem
    • Increased sense of self-worth
    • Healthier body image
    • Better focus
    • Increased ability to handle stress
    • Greater ability to be independent
    • Increased mental stimulation
    • Increased inner motivation
    • Greater ability to follow direction
    • Increased empathy skills
    • Better sense of connection with others
    • Improved coping skills

    Most importantly, experiential therapy is another treatment outlet that allows clients to face down the issues that have been impacting them for a long time and handle them so that they do not control their lives any longer.

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    If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, do not feel ashamed or alone. There are millions of people who are going through the same experience that you are at this very moment. By reaching out for help, you can get started on transforming your life for the better.

    Experiential addiction therapy in Clarksville, Tennessee is just one of the many mediums that you can benefit from when it comes to receiving professional addiction treatment. When enrolled in a program, you can benefit even more.

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