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Addiction is an extremely complex disease, impacting every single corner of a user’s life (as well as the lives of those closely connected to them). When someone starts using addictive substances, he or she is usually not doing so with the intent of becoming addicted to whatever it is being abused. However, for some people, the continued abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can trigger the onset of a substance use disorder, which requires professional treatment to address.

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    Some individuals find that they require the top tier of treatment, such as that offered through inpatient treatment. Others might need a little less of a hands-on approach, but still, a structured setting that can help them overcome their substance use disorder. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs can offer an approach like this. And, there are some who are not experiencing a life-threatening case of addiction, making an outpatient treatment program their best option for their care.

    Regardless of what level of addiction treatment an individual needs in order to effectively have his or her substance use disorder treated, it is important to know what type of evidence-based treatments are offered at the treatment facility, they are considering attending. At JourneyPure’s Clarksville facility, they will receive evidence-based addiction treatment that can help promote an individual’s success in recovery.

    What Does Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Mean?

    The therapies and the medications that are supplied through addiction treatment programs can be evidence-based, meaning that the use of these specific therapies and medications have proven to be effective in treating individuals with substance use disorder. The term “evidence-based” refers to a treatment practice that has been observed and has proven to provide successful outcomes for clients.

    The vast majority of addiction treatment centers throughout the country provide evidence-based treatment modalities, as these approaches have helped countless former substance abusers get sober and maintain a successful recovery. The type of evidence-based addiction treatment in Clarksville that a client can obtain will be based on the program that he or she attends as well as his or her own personal treatment needs.

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    Types of Evidence-Based Treatment in Clarksville

    When enrolled in our Clarksville evidence-based addiction treatment program, clients can benefit greatly from a combination of both medication and therapy. Studies have shown that when medication and therapy are comprehensively included into a client’s treatment plan, that his or her chances of maintaining recovery are greater than those who do not receive this type of combined care. Some of the most common evidence-based treatment practices include those listed below.


    Not every individual who is recovering from a substance use disorder is going to be able to utilize medications in the same way that others are. One of the main reasons for that is because there simply aren’t medications available to help treat every type of substance use disorder. Instead, the evidence-based medications that are available can help treat those who struggle with an opioid use disorder or an alcohol use disorder.

    Suboxone, for example, is a medication that can help ease the withdrawal symptoms and calm the cravings of someone who is in the beginning stages of his or her treatment program. These medications work to help trigger the same receptors in the brain that are triggered when one is abusing an opioid, however, does not produce the same high when used as prescribed and under the direction of a healthcare professional. Similar to the Suboxone are Acamprosate and Antabuse, both of which are able to help symptoms of alcohol use disorder. Acamprosate increases the activity of GABA in the brain, helping to decrease the presence of withdrawal symptoms. Antabuse is a medication designed to create unpleasant physical effects in someone who drinks alcohol, such as nausea, heart palpitations, and flushing of the skin.


    Those receiving evidence-based addiction treatment in Clarksville, Tennessee can not only benefit from evidence-based medications but also evidence-based therapies.

    Easily one of the most common evidence-based therapies is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT is an effective therapeutic approach to clients who have abused all types of substances ranging from marijuana to meth. Through CBT, clients will work to anticipate issues that can occur within their lives and building upon one’s self-control and ability to make good decisions when triggered. CBT also requires the client to re-examine his or her past negative behaviors in order to behave in a more positive, productive manner.

    12-Step programming, which is most often utilized in support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), is also a highly popular form of ongoing evidence-based treatment. Within AA and NA meetings, as well as within a treatment program at an inpatient or outpatient facility, 12-Step programming serves as a guideline for those who are in recovery from a substance use disorder. Through this guideline, clients will be asked to do things such as take an honest personal inventory and make amends to those whom he or she hurt while in his or her active addiction.

    One of the most beneficial therapies we offer is family therapy. As touched on before, a user’s addiction can severely impact the lives of those around him or her, making family therapy a necessity for some. Through family therapy, clients and their families can begin to work through the issues that have developed amongst them, find ways to settle resentments and grudges and establish a new sense of how to move forward in a manner that is conducive to everyone’s recovery.

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