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Xanax is a prescription medication that works to increase the effects of the chemical GABA in the brain. GABA, which is the abbreviation for gamma-aminobutyric acid, calms the brain and the body, allowing those who struggle with anxiety the ability to relax.

This is highly beneficial, as those who have anxiety disorders like panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder often experience racing and/or intrusive thoughts, fight or flight responses, and an overall sense of all-consuming fear or worry. Today, more than 40 million people in the United States have an anxiety disorder, with the majority of those individuals being prescribed a benzodiazepine medication like Xanax.

When taken as prescribed, Xanax is a medication that can help those who are negatively impacted by the effects of an anxiety disorder. However, when Xanax is taken outside of prescribed guidelines, individuals can quickly become addicted to it. When addiction to Xanax has developed, it can take a great deal of hard work and effort to put a stop to that addiction.

It is very common for those who are addicted to Xanax to make their use of this specific drug their primary concern. As a result, he or she might start to slip up at work, argue with his or her significant other more frequently, forget about important events, or even ignore his or her own personal hygiene needs. When Xanax use continues, even more, consequences of that use can occur, such as homelessness, divorce, loss of child custody, unemployment, legal issues, and financial problems, to name a few. Remaining addicted to Xanax will only increase the number of repercussions within one’s life, as well as draw him or her closer to suffering a potentially fatal overdose. Thankfully, professional help is available through our Xanax addiction treatment center in Clarksville Tennessee. 

JourneyPure’s Xanax Addiction Rehab Center In Clarksville Tennessee

When someone is addicted to Xanax, he or she might feel as though asking for help is the very last thing they should do. There is a strong sense of failure and fear that comes along with reaching out for professional treatment when addicted to Xanax, which is often why individuals forego doing so. Also, those addicted to Xanax sometimes struggle with the thought of not being able to use again, causing them to shy away from getting the help they need. However, when someone who is ready to stop abusing Xanax asks for help, he or she can be provided with a number of different services designed to help him or her establish a lifetime of recovery. Through the care of professional like those at our Clarksville Tennessee Xanax addiction rehab center, the journey to a new life, free from addiction can begin. 


Not everyone who is addicted to drugs needs to go through the detox process, however, almost all individuals addicted to Xanax are recommended to detox in the care of professionals. This is because, unlike most other addictive substances, detoxing from Xanax can produce life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and seizures. If these symptoms develop and there are no professionals around to treat them, individuals can succumb to these symptoms and face serious side effects if not death. To prevent these symptoms from occurring when an individual is in our Xanax addiction treatment center in Clarksville Tennessee, they will be prescribed a lesser-strength benzodiazepine and then slowly weaned off of that. When an individual is stable enough to begin therapy, he or she will do so.


Like almost all other individuals in treatment for a substance use disorder, those who are recovering from a Xanax addiction will be included into individual and group therapy sessions, well as behavioral therapies and possibly family therapy. The therapy that is provided at our Clarksville Tennessee Xanax treatment facility is evidence-based, meaning that it has been proven to produce positive, effective results for clients. Not only will clients participate in these common therapies, but they will also receive therapeutic services that are deemed most appropriate to meet his or her needs. This will include more specific therapies that can zoom in on the most pressing issues the client is experiencing.


When it comes time to transition out of a Xanax addiction rehab center in Clarksville Tennessee, some clients will return home while others will enter into another form of addiction treatment to continue their care. Regardless of where they are going, all clients will be provided with an aftercare plan that outlines the clients’ needs and goals post-Xanax addiction rehab in Clarksville Tennessee. For some, this might include details such as who to live with, where to live, and how many meetings he or she should attend in a week. For others, it might include finding ways to balance the many different aspects of everyday life or finding a local therapist that can continue to meet his or her treatment needs.

Benefits of Our Clarksville TN Xanax Addiction Treatment Center

Those who attend our Clarksville Tennessee Xanax addiction treatment center stand to gain a number of different benefits simply by participating in this specific type of programming.

Above all else, enrolling in JourneyPure’s Xanax addiction rehab center in Clarksville Tennessee immediately puts the client in a safe, non-threatening environment where he or she is not tempted to pick up again. This factor in itself is hugely beneficial, as it gets clients to stop the physical abuse of the drugs and/or alcohol, which decreases the risks of further physical health problems. Additional benefits of our Clarksville Tennessee Xanax addiction treatment facility include:

  • Developing a support system with others in recovery
  • Being given the opportunity to focus on personal issues in a private, non-judgmental setting
  • Learning more about the disease of addiction
  • Establishing a set of coping skills to better manage life’s stressors

Whenever an individual is participating ina  Xanax addiction rehab in Clarksville Tennessee, he or she is putting his or her needs first, which is pivotal to do when attempting to end a Xanax addiction for good. The more focused the client is during Xanax rehab in Clarksville Tennessee, the more effective his or her treatment will be.

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