Prescription Drug Rehab

The vast majority of people living in the United States have consumed prescription medications at some point in their lifetime. Many of these people take prescription drugs on a daily basis as directed by their healthcare provider. Prescription drugs such as painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants all hold a place in the medical and mental health community, as these medications have helped in the treatment of a number of different conditions.

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    And while they can be beneficial for a number of reasons, prescription drugs can also be extremely addictive and easy to abuse.

    Within the country, approximately 54 million people ages 12 and older have misused prescription drugs at one point or another. Prescription drugs are so widely abused that the country is currently in the throes of an opioid epidemic, with more than 3.3 million people abusing painkillers like fentanyl and OxyContin. And, according to new reports, the general public is also poised to experience a stimulant epidemic in the coming years as more and more people get hooked on prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.

    Prescription drugs of all kinds are readily available throughout all corners of the United States, causing even the quietest of communities to experience the impacts of prescription drug addiction. Those who are addicted to prescription drugs can benefit the most from enrolling in our prescription drug rehab in Clarksville, TN before the effects of their use becomes grave.

    When Should Someone Seek Prescription Drug Rehab?

    One of the biggest reasons why those who are experiencing addiction do not seek prescription drug treatment is because they are unsure if they are experiencing an addiction that is severe enough to get professional treatment for. To help better determine this, it is important to understand when it might be time to start asking for help. Consider the following:

    • You are unable to stop using even if you want to
    • You develop withdrawal symptoms when not using
    • You feel like you cannot function without abusing prescription drugs
    • You keep using despite repercussions to your health and wellbeing

    It is never too early or too late to ask for help. When these symptoms of addiction are occurring, or if one’s use is impacting any other area of his or her life, reaching out for treatment at our prescription drug rehab center in Clarksville can make all the difference.

    What To Expect At Our Clarksville Prescription Drug Treatment Center

    Someone who is abusing prescription drugs might be experiencing entirely different consequences and changes in his or her life than someone else who is also addicted to prescription drugs. This is because addiction impacts people differently, especially when there are a number of different prescription drugs that can be abused. For example, someone who is abusing opioids will have a handful of different outcomes than someone who is abusing stimulants. As a result, our prescription drug rehab in Clarksville offers different levels of addiction treatment so that everyone who is struggling with prescription drug addiction can get the help that they need.

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    Inpatient Treatment

    Some individuals who abuse prescription drugs find that they are not only experiencing a number of negative consequences in their lives but also find that they have become dependent on the prescription drug of their choice. They also might have trouble ending their use on their own and have gone through several relapses in the past. For those individuals, inpatient treatment is an excellent option. This type of prescription drug treatment requires clients to reside at the facility for anywhere from 30-90 days (traditionally). During this time, clients can receive detox services, daily therapy, and aftercare supports that help guides them in their newfound recovery.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Not everyone who has an addiction to prescription drugs needs to reside at the facility, but still require a heightened level of care. Intensive outpatient treatment can provide this approach, helping those who are transitioning out of inpatient treatment or those who begin their care in this type of program. Most intensive outpatient treatment programs last anywhere from 6-8 weeks and require the client to spend a large portion of their day at the facility. There, he or she will participate in therapy sessions and receive other services deemed appropriate for his or her recovery.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient treatment is the least hands-on form of our prescription drug treatment, where clients can come and go in between the care they receive there. Outpatient treatment, like intensive outpatient treatment, can last for a specific period of time, however, some clients spend more than a few weeks there. Through this method of care, clients can participate in individual therapy sessions, as well as group therapy sessions. They can also receive services at the facility, including medication management and relapse prevention classes.

    Benefits of our Prescription Drug Rehab

    The greatest benefit of participating in our prescription drug rehab in Clarksville is that once enrolled, a client is no longer actively using his or her prescription drug of choice. This means that any further physical or psychological damage caused by use is eradicated. In addition, the benefits clients can gain include the following:

    • Identifying triggers and learning how to manage them to prevent relapse
    • Reconnecting with friends and family members who have been affected by the addiction
    • Gaining support from other clients by participating in group therapy and other exercises
    • Learning more about addiction as a disease and broadening understanding of how it occurs
    • Setting up aftercare plans that will help provide support during the beginning stages of recovery outside of the facility

    The benefits of attending JourneyPure’s prescription drug addiction rehab center do not end here. Instead, clients who actively engage themselves in a program can continue to receive benefits throughout the duration of their program.

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    If you are addicted to prescription drugs and are ready to quit, reach out to JourneyPure’s prescription drug rehab in Clarksville, Tennessee right now. We can help.