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With nearly 1 million people dying of heroin-related overdoses each year, it comes as no surprise that countless people throughout the United States are in need of professional addiction treatment for their heroin addictions. Even though an exceptional amount of progress has been made in reducing the negative stigma surrounding addiction, people who are addicted to heroin and other substances still struggle to reach out and ask for help. However, continuing to abuse heroin will eventually lead to a dead end.

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    When under the influence of heroin, individuals are unable to make good decisions, properly protect themselves, or engage in everyday life without having trouble doing so. They can struggle with keeping up with their duties at work or school and see an increase in conflict within their families. Consequences of one’s use can go even further, as he or she can start getting in trouble with the law. Several people who abuse heroin find themselves strapped with DUI’s, court dates stemming from public intoxication and physical arguments, and even jail time. The most frightening aspect about heroin is that once someone is hooked to it, he or she can go to all lengths and then some just to keep using.

    Unfortunately, today’s heroin is not the same as the heroin seen in the past. All over the world, heroin is being laced with other opioid substances, such as fentanyl. This is being done for a number of reasons, including increasing one’s high so that he or she continues to buy from a certain dealer or using other opioids to cut a stash of heroin so that a dealer can make more money off of it. As a result, individuals can never really know what is in their heroin, making it highly likely that they will experience an overdose at some point during their use.

    However, all of these consequences can stop once an individual enrolls him or herself into our heroin rehab in Clarksville, TN.

    Benefits of Our Heroin Rehab in Clarksville

    When someone makes the decision to go to our heroin rehab in Clarksville, he or she will be exposed to a multitude of different avenues that will lead him or her towards a life of recovery. As the client moves along in his or her journey, he or she will benefit significantly, and in a number of different ways.

    • Physical safety – In our heroin addiction rehab, clients are no longer able to abuse heroin or any other toxic substances, eliminating further risk to his or her physical wellbeing
    • Positive environment – Most individuals who abuse heroin find that they are living in bad environments that only promote their continued use of heroin. However, a heroin rehab facility offers clients a clean, bright, and therapeutic environment to heal in.
    • Therapeutic growth – Through the many therapies that clients can participate in while in a heroin addiction treatment center, he or she can grow in a number of ways that will support his or her recovery far beyond his or her participation at a treatment center.

    The benefits that clients can obtain when in our heroin addiction rehab center can help them maintain a lifetime of recovery.

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    JourneyPure’s Heroin Treatment Programs

    Every person who enrolls in our heroin rehab center in Clarksville, Tennessee will have a different experience, as each user is unique in his or her own addiction. Some individuals require more care than others, and some only need a helping hand as they get themselves back on track. This is why there are a number of different addiction treatment options available.


    Inpatient treatment is the best option for those who are struggling with severe addictions or those who have struggled to get sober and/or maintain sobriety. Within an inpatient treatment program, clients will be able to participate in detox services (if necessary) as well as therapy. The thing that sets inpatient treatment apart from other types of addiction treatment is that clients reside at the facility for the duration of their treatment. Plus, inpatient treatment tends to last anywhere from 30-90 days.

    Intensive Outpatient

    An intensive outpatient is a form of heroin addiction treatment that is best suited for those who require hands-on treatment, but just not as involved as inpatient treatment. It is also an excellent option for those who are transitioning out of an inpatient treatment program. Intensive outpatient allows clients to reside at home during the 6-8 weeks that they are enrolled in the program. They will attend our heroin treatment program daily to participate in different forms of therapy, as well as receive assistance with medication management if necessary. Many people begin their treatment in intensive outpatient and then step-down to outpatient care.


    Outpatient programming at our Clarksville, TN heroin addiction treatment center gives those who are not struggling with severe addictions the opportunity to get sober and develop a strong stance in recovery without interrupting their lifestyle too much. Clients can participate in outpatient treatment and still uphold daily responsibilities. Within the heroin addiction community, however, outpatient treatment is utilized more as a step-down to care than a starting point for treatment, simply because heroin is so highly addictive and damaging to one’s wellbeing that more intensive care is usually needed. Most clients also participate in a 12 step program such as heroin anonymous for continued support.

    Regardless of how severe one’s addiction to heroin is, JourneyPure’s rehab in Clarksville can provide a variety of different treatment services that meet the needs of all those who are ready and willing to overcome heroin addiction once and for all.

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    Being addicted to heroin is no way to live. Not only are you constantly in search of this deadly drug but any time you are not searching for it, you are either using it or thinking of using it. The amount of time that can pass you by as you remain trapped in a cycle of heroin addiction can be tremendous. However, by getting help, you can stop the chaos of heroin addiction and begin valuing the life that you have.

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