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When someone is addicted to any type of substance, his or her entire life can be deeply impacted. Abusing a drug such as cocaine can cause someone to not only struggle personally, but also professionally, socially, and financially. When a cocaine addiction persists, the risks and consequences that an individual can experience grow exponentially, causing his or her overall wellbeing to be placed in jeopardy.

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    Cocaine is an illicit street drug that is highly addictive when abused. Producing stimulant effects, cocaine works to energize the user. When under the influence of this specific substance, individuals get high quickly, however that high only lasts for a short period of time (e.g. about 20 minutes). As a result, those who abuse cocaine need to keep using it back-to-back in order to keep their high going. This pattern of use is typically what causes individuals to become quickly addicted to cocaine. And, once an addiction to cocaine has formed, individuals can suffer tremendous distress and destruction throughout all areas of their lives.

    Being addicted to cocaine causes individuals to put all of their responsibilities aside, as their primary focus becomes the use of this substance. This often causes individuals to develop strained relationships with friends and loved ones, experience problems in the workplace, and even develop troubles financially and legally. When cocaine is present in an individual’s life and when it takes precedence over all else, his or her entire life can become devoted to the abuse of cocaine rather than dedicated to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

    Thankfully, there are treatment options for those who are addicted to cocaine, including professional help from our cocaine rehab in Clarksville, Tennessee.

    Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Clarksville, Tennessee

    Enrolling in our Clarksville, Tennessee cocaine rehab can be life-saving for those who are addicted to cocaine. Not only do individuals immediately stop using, but they are also exposed to a variety of different services that can help them effectively overcome their addiction to this deadly substance.

    Some of the greatest benefits of attending a cocaine addiction rehab center can include the following:

    • Ending the physical act of abusing cocaine, which can prevent further physical and psychological damage from occurring
    • Connecting clients with medical and mental health professionals who can help treat any and all health issues they are currently experiencing
    • Providing clients with a community of support that includes others who are also recovering from cocaine and other substance use disorders
    • Implementing several relapse prevention skills into all clients’ care, as well as coping skills that can keep them from turning to the use of cocaine in the future

    Clients can also benefit from specialized therapies and activities that improve upon specific issues that they are facing on a personal level. Also, a cocaine addiction treatment center can help reconnect clients to their family members through the use of family therapy, allowing for a broader support system to be established.

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    What To Expect At JourneyPure’s Clarksville Cocaine Rehab Center

    Depending on the level of treatment that a client enrolls in, he or she will participate in a multitude of different elements designed to help them establish a solidified recovery.


    For many who are addicted to cocaine, detox is a necessary step in the process of getting sober. Through detox, those who are dependent on cocaine can stop using while in the care of medical and psychological professionals. When attempted independently, detoxing from cocaine can produce very painful and upsetting withdrawal symptoms. However, when detoxing, clients can receive medications and professional support that can make this period of time much more comfortable.


    All clients who participate in our cocaine rehab center in Clarksville, Tennessee will engage in many different types of therapies. For example, all clients will have individual therapy and group therapy sessions on a regular basis. Individual therapy can help clients focus on the issues that pertain to them and their lives the most, while group therapy can help clients begin to heal through the support of others. Also, our clients tend to participate in family therapy, which is highly beneficial, as it helps the client and his or her loved ones identify and manage the problems that have strained their relationships with one another.

    Additionally, clients will be afforded the opportunity to receive therapeutic services that are more specific to their needs.


    Prior to transitioning out of our treatment facility, clients will work with those medical and mental health professionals closest to them to develop a well-thought-out aftercare plan. This aftercare plan might include plans to move into another level of addiction treatment, such as an outpatient program. It might include plans for the client to follow when getting back to his or her everyday life. In almost all aftercare plans, clients will develop relapse prevention plans and determine which coping skills to utilize in the event that they are feeling unstable in their recovery. A major part of aftercare planning also includes determining methods to keep in touch with a support system of others. This can include making plans to attend daily or weekly meetings, going to support groups, or socializing with friends who do not abuse addictive substances. Each client at our Clarksville cocaine rehab center will leave the program with a structured aftercare plan to help them navigate the beginning stages of his or her recovery.

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    Being addicted to cocaine is no way to live, as it will only cause an innumerable amount of problems within your life. Chances are if you are already addicted to cocaine, you know all-too-well the potential repercussions of your use. And while it might feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel, know that no matter how severe your addiction is, there is help available.

    JourneyPure’ cocaine rehab in Clarksville, TN can help you stop both the physical act of cocaine abuse and the compulsion to keep using. If you are addicted to cocaine and need help, do not wait any longer. Reach out to our cocaine rehab center right now to learn more about how we can help.