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JourneyPure Clarksville is an alcohol and drug rehab center that uses several types of therapy and medication-assisted treatment to treat the underlying causes of addiction.

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Wende S

The staff and education I received at this place, saved my life. I'm celebrating 6 months sober today.

Cameron B

JP gave me the tools and support I needed to live a life in sobriety. The community and sense of family is amazing!

Tré K

Found the hope and inspiration I needed to begin to shatter my faulty belief systems and begin anew. Thank you for JourneyPure for helping me help myself.

Interested in Suboxone treatment but worried about insurance?

JourneyPure is proud to offer a Medication Assisted Treatment program that accepts certain insurances.

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Addiction Treatment in Clarksville, Tennessee

JourneyPure Clarksville believes that each and every client of ours deserves to be given a chance at recovery no matter what they have experienced. With a team of professionals ready and willing to offer expert care, those in need can enroll in one of our programs at JourneyPure Clarksville to make that chance at recovery a reality.

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As one of the premiere addiction treatment companies in the Southeast, JourneyPure maintains as its primary goal to help patients and their families get the substance use and mental health treatment they both need and deserve. We achieve this every day by providing evidence-based treatments that address not just the substance use issues and their symptoms, but the co-occurring mental health issues that have been driving the patient toward the abuse. Our treatment goes beyond just the usual cessation-centric “getting clean”—we impart to our patients the skills necessary to stay sober in the face of challenges that everyday life presents.

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Intensive Outpatient Rehab In Clarksville, TN

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are designed to meet the needs of those who do not require an inpatient approach to treatment, but who still need a level of care that can help them stop their active addiction.For several clients of intensive outpatient treatment, their recovery begins within these programs. For others, however, they might participate in more advanced therapeutic programs prior to transitioning into one of these outpatient programs. Regardless of where an individual is at in his or her recovery, he or she can continue to uphold responsibilities at work, home, and/or school while he or she receives professional addiction treatment in one of these outpatient settings.

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Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Quality Dual Diagnosis Therapy In Clarksville, Tennessee is now a reality. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from addiction issues to have underlying mood disorders. It is our goal to give each patient careful examination and consideration, to see if a co-occurring disorder is present. A staggering percentage of people with substance addictions have undiagnosed, or poorly managed psychiatric issues.

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Evidence-Based Treatment

Here at JourneyPure’s Evidence-Based Treatment In Clarksville, we firmly subscribe to the medical (or disease) model of addiction. Understanding that there is a variety of contributing factors that can result in an individual’s struggles with addiction. We know that genetic predisposition can play a part in one’s arrival at addiction, however, it is not necessarily a given outcome. Sociological, biological, psychological, genetic and environmental factors all contribute.

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Military Program

JourneyPure Clarksville is just a 30-minute drive from Fort Campbell, home of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. As such, we are uniquely able to provide substance abuse and mental health counseling to veteran and active-military individuals and families. Through our substance abuse, dual diagnosis and trauma-informed care programs, we are committed to treating each patient's individual needs.

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At JourneyPure Clarksville, our mission is to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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What To Expect From Rehab At JourneyPure Clarksville

Care You Can Count On

At JourneyPure in Clarksville, clients who are in our outpatient treatment program will partake in individual therapy, group therapy, and recovery coaching. Our team is made up of professionals who are not only licensed but also dedicated to their work. Through their dedication, they can help clients learn more about the underlying causes of their substance abuse, what triggers cause them to want to use, and what (if any) mental illnesses they are experiencing.

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Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is described as a treatment approach grounded in the understanding of the individual’s responsiveness to the impact of trauma. At JourneyPure we place emphasis on the physical and emotional safety of the survivor, providing an opportunity to rebuild an individual’s control and empowerment. Therapists who work in trauma-informed care understand what trauma is, and the effects that it has on the individuals perspective and behaviors. Through the different treatment applications, the therapist will assess the best course of action, and develop the most effective treatment plan utilizing the following modalities of trauma-informed care.

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